SMg 130

SMg 120-130 ride-on scrubbing machine is suitable for the routine and deep down cleaning of surfaces up to 20,000 sq.m.

The resoure-optimising systems (FSS, FWF, FES and FNC) ensure increased autonomy, less waste, reduced consumption, and improved cleaning performance.

Thanks to their large-capacity tanks, the new squeegee support that ensures perfect drying (even around curves), and brush head that can move up to 15cm sideways to clean under shelving, SMg 120-130 models are extremely productive and efficient.

Surface (sq.m) 15.000-20.000
Surface (ft2) 161.400-215.000
Cleaning System Hard cleaning
Working width (cm/inch) 137/54
Oscillations per minute (n)
Squeegee width (cm/inch) 127/50
Number of brushes 2 (2 optional)
Power Supply Battery 36v
Solution Tank (L/gal) 275/72,5
Recovery Tank (L/gal) 334/88,1