Genie XS

Try the cleaning ON DEMAND experience:
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Genie XS is the revolutionary scrubbing machine suitable for cleaning small and cluttered enviroments with ease. It is powered with a lithuim ion battery that allows to perform manyshort and targeted cleaning operarions during the same day.

Genie XS is a small and lightweight so you can take it wherever you need it. The floor is dry and safe with only one pass, preventing the risk of dangerous slips.

Surface (sq.m) 100
Surface (ft2) 900
Cleaning System Maintenance
Working width (cm/inch) 28
Squeegee width (cm/inch) 32.5
Number of brushes 1
Power Supply Li-ion Battery
Solution Tank (L/gal) 3
Recovery Tank (L/gal) 4
length 555
Height 1050
Width 375