CleanWise was established at the beginning of 2015, although a young business our experience goes back 30 plus years where the owner and director Mr. Dave Burton grew up in the cleaning industry working for his father. As a child he used to watch his father and help him fix machines and for pocket money helped him strip & seal floors, from small to large supermarkets to warehouses and huge cash and carries.

The Burton family has a trusted name in the business, if it isn’t from or being done by a Burton then you should get it from them! From leaving school Dave was put into the industry full time and started repping and building a customer base within his father's business, as the business grew and Dave found himself travelling all over the country to supply and service people, distance was never an issue, sorting out a customers problem and delivering a great service was and still is the issue and main priority for CleanWise along with building a good rapport and relationship with each individual customer.

Upon Dave's father retiring Dave decided to start his own business built on the values and experience he had learnt from his parents and apply them to the current times and industry which is forever evolving. Hence the birth of CleanWise, specifically aimed at supplying and servicing of cleaning machines while providing affordable and reliable solutions to the end user. CleanWise prides itself in supplying the correct cleaning solutions and backup service to each individual business we deal with.

CleanWise is a company built on a reputation for delivering and servicing clients from small to extra large across the Industrial and commercial business sectors, shopping malls, logistics and warehousing, national and small contract cleaners, the food industry and to the end user of specific cleaning needs. Where there is a need to clean and a machine or a tool is needed, CleanWise can provide it with experience, advice and consultation at an affordable rate tailored to your business.  A wide range of reliable and affordable equipment, chemicals and consumables are available and Personal attention is guaranteed.

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